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Choosing Experiences Over Goals

We've all felt it – the undeniable joy and satisfaction that come from excellent service or the money we willingly spend on creating memorable experiences. There's a universal truth in the sentiment that investing in experiences, moments that linger in our memories, is an endeavor void of regr...

BANI World: How to Stay Calm and Plan Effectively in Uncertainty

In a world where the rules are constantly changing, finding stability and planning can be a real challenge. The only thing certain is that tomorrow will bring new changes. In the past, we were often guided by the principles of the SPOD world, where everything was: S – Steady P &...

Conquering Negative Thoughts

Like nasty guests in our minds, negative thoughts can stay for longer than we'd like. Whether they’re about our bodies, relationships, jobs, or money, these ideas can reinforce a negative mindset, often without our knowledge. We need to learn how to escape the clutches of these thoughts if the...

The Wisdom of Ikigai

Parable In a quaint Japanese town, a poignant tale unfolded. A woman faced the final moments of her life. During this critical juncture, an extraordinary experience transpired. Sensing her soul departing, ascending into the ethereal realm, she found herself in the presence of ancestral spirits....

The Psychology of Shame: Projection and Introjection

Have you ever found yourself engrossed in a movie or captivated by a book where the narrative unfolds with bullies targeting a vulnerable girl, and her companion fails to intervene? In those moments, a peculiar emotion might have surfaced – a subtle undercurrent of vicarious shame, intricately...

Transforming Goals into Reality: A Simple Guide to Action

2/1/2024 Exclusive
In our daily lives, we often encounter tasks or questions that linger, awaiting resolution. Despite their undeniable urgency and priority, these matters remain perpetually postponed. If you find yourself caught in this cycle of indecision, it's time to break free and turn your goals into reality thr...

Challenges of Time Management

Success in today's world is often attributed to the ability to handle your time. Skillfully managing various chores, meeting deadlines, and making the most of every moment can be incredibly fulfilling, and it has the power to rescue relationships, jobs, and even sanity.  But there's another sid...

Test Your Creativity!

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not an intangible quality but rather a quantifiable trait with several facets. Adobe Creative Types and the Divergent Association Task (DAT) are two innovative assessments that provide fresh perspectives on the intricacies of creative thought and personality...
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