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Gray really suits you


Dear Alice! Turns out, Paul's sculptures were a total flop, and suspicious, I rushed straight to your hotel. I must have just missed you by a hair because your perfume lingered in the elevator. But, get this, only a moment separated us across hemispheres. Outside your room, camomiles wilted on the maid's cart. You tossed them, just like you did me. They withered, losing your warmth. I could've hated you, calling it betrayal. But all I felt was heartache and emptines...
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Happy birthday


Dear Alice, So, you're thirty today. You were dreading hitting that age, but believe me, it's nothing to fear. It hasn't left a mark on your body or your soul. It has no power over you. You're just as beautiful. It's only been a month since you left, but it feels like an eternity. You took everything I had: carefreeness, lightness, the ability to enjoy life. Most importantly, you took my heart. Just want you to know, I'm glad it's with you. No one could take better ...
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the art of saying NO


Ah, the art of saying "no" has always eluded me! It's like I enrolled in the "How to Be Extra Agreeable 101" course and aced it without even trying. The word "no" seems to vanish from my vocabulary when faced with requests. Parents want a favor? Absolutely. Friends need a hand? Always! Colleagues asking for assistance? Sure thing! Even the dog, with those puppy eyes fixated on the forbidden cookie in my hand, manages to wangle a reluctant "okay" from me, despite h...
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when you are far away


When you're far away, the expanse becomes palpable. The chasm between us extends in kilometers, in restless nights, amid train stations, airports, and an overwhelming sense of longing. The city, bustling with people, loses its vibrancy without you. Its lively streets turn hollow, life spirals into disarray. Composing letters to you has become a ritual, yet they differ from this one you might scarcely encounter. I yearn to share everything with you except my ache. I'll carry the weight of ye...
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