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What is the dark night of the soul?

3/19/2024 Top
The "dark night of the soul" concept refers to a profound spiritual crisis characterized by intense feelings of sadness, despair, unworthiness, and existential questioning. It is often described as a period of deep inner turmoil and spiritual emptiness, where individuals may feel disconnecte...

Breaking Free from Others' Expectations: Strategies for Authentic Personal Growth

Q:Have you ever felt constrained by the perception others have of you and unable to change because of their expectations? If so, what strategies can be employed to break free from this limitation so that you may authentically pursue personal growth and change?  A:Everyone experiences shame and ...

Can anyone define intuition?

3/13/2024 Exclusive
From a psychological perspective, intuition is understood as a culmination of our well-developed life experience. When faced with familiar situations, our subconscious takes the reins, guiding us with ingrained habits and patterns. But how exactly do we acquire this wealth of life experience? It's a...

Breaking Down Prolonged Eye Contact: Psychological Perception and Comfortable Navigation

Q:I often find prolonged direct eye contact during conversation to be unsettling. From a psychological perspective, how is extended eye contact typically perceived, and what strategies can be employed to maintain comfortable engagement without feeling awkward or intrusive? Additionally, is there a p...

Seeking Time Management Tips: How to Stay Consistent with Your Schedule

Q:I often find myself struggling to stick to a schedule and revert to improper time management habits. Are there any tips or tricks for improving time management skills and maintaining consistency with a schedule?  A:Most of us know how to be supportive friends. We offer kind words and understa...

How can I effectively navigate complex social issues and loneliness, even after seeking therapy and receiving a diagnosis of autism?

3/6/2024 Top
Q:"As an individual struggling with social issues and loneliness, I've found therapy sessions to be less effective than I hoped. Despite seeking help and even receiving a formal diagnosis of autism, I still feel lost and overwhelmed by various challenges in my life, including difficulty making f...

People say I sound like I know everything at work, but I don't mean to. How can I stop this and improve?

We truly hope that we understood your question correctly. It seems you're discussing the need for control and the readiness to rescue everyone around you, primarily to ensure their continued approval and avoid rejection. It's about maintaining control over everything happening around you to avoid re...

Curious about resilient individuals' unbeatable mindsets and how they maintain determination?

Question:"Intrigued by individuals who exhibit hyperfocus and seemingly unbeatable mindsets, achieving success despite challenges or adversity? How do these individuals maintain their resilience and determination, and what psychological or scientific principles underlie their mindset?"Answer...
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