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How do you strike the balance between being nice and friendly to others but not to the point of being a people pleaser?

Striking a balance between being friendly and accommodating while avoiding the pitfalls of being a people pleaser requires self-awareness, assertiveness, and boundary-setting. Here are some practical steps to achieve this balance: 1. Recognize Your Choices: Understand that you always have ...

Meet Yuliia Plokha

4/11/2024 Exclusive
Philologist, language and literature teacher, publishing house editor and reading ambassador, Ukrainian culture promoter, literature meetings initiator. I met Yuliia last year at the Test Gallery in Barcelona, a space showcasing Ukrainian culture and art. I was there to support both national artists...

What should I do when someone is being reactive or ignorant because of their ego?

When dealing with individuals who are reactive or ignorant due to their ego, it's essential to understand the psychological dynamics at play and employ effective strategies to engage with them constructively. 1. Ideal Self vs. Real Self: The concept of the "ideal self," introduced ...

Confronting Intrusive Thoughts: A Mental Journey

Q:I literally can't control my mind. I try not to think about certain things, but a voice in my head repeats them over and over. I'm scared that it could be a mental problem or illness.   A:It sounds like you're struggling with controlling your thoughts, and you're worried that it might be...

What are some interesting psychology and mind tricks?

Let's delve into some intriguing psychology and mind tricks! To start, let's rewind a bit. Before the 1950s, behaviorism was the dominant force in psychology. It viewed behavior as mere reflexes and responses to stimuli. However, the emergence of cognitive science brought about a significant sh...

How do people with borderline personality disorder think?

Sometimes, a single thought can completely take over a person's mind, becoming the most important thing in their life. These powerful ideas can lead individuals to act destructively, and common problems like anorexia and hypochondria often stem from them. The idea of "overvalued ideas" ...

How can I be less emotionally reactive?

If you've ever pondered the notion of becoming less emotionally reactive, you've likely come to realize that life often presents us with a myriad of strong and oftentimes negative emotions. Feelings such as anxiety, stress, resentment, or anger can significantly impact our well-being and relationshi...

How does one recognize the first signs of depression?

Remember how J.K. Rowling described Dementors in her Harry Potter books? It's a beautiful metaphor for how the first symptoms set in — always a sudden drain of energy, leaving you feeling completely exhausted. The thing is, your question isn't so straightforward because recognizing the first s...
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