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Struggling to Find My Voice

Q:I'm out of the normal flow of life. I feel like I don't have an opinion on anything, and even the smallest of words disgusts me because it's like I've said something out of compulsion, but I don't really know how to respond.   A:The reasons behind feelings of emptiness and a lack of moti...

Be the CEO of Your Life

4/11/2024 Exclusive
Creativity is like a kaleidoscope of possibilities. One of the most intriguing and productive of them is becoming the creator of your own life and the artist of your soul.  When we talk about creativity in the context of our lives, it's not just about painting masterpieces or crafting sculpture...

Will wanting to be enlightened be an obstacle to achieving enlightenment?

The desire for enlightenment can serve as both a guiding light and a stumbling block on the path toward enlightenment itself. Understanding this duality is essential for navigating the complexities of spiritual growth and self-realization. The Pitfall of Attachment At times, the desire for enli...

What is meant by living in the moment?

4/4/2024 Top
"Living in the moment" is a philosophy that encourages individuals to immerse themselves fully in the present moment, rather than allowing their minds to wander into the past or future. Our brains often oscillate between reliving past events or planning for the future, but it's in the presen...

How can I learn to be compassionate toward myself?

Learning to be compassionate toward oneself is a transformative process that requires patience, self-awareness, and intentional practice. In a world where self-criticism and perfectionism often dominate our inner dialogue, cultivating self-compassion becomes essential for mental well-being and perso...

Can meditation unlock the door to creativity?

This question has intrigued many, and the answer may lie in the profound impact meditation has on the mind. Our daily lives are often filled with noise and chaos, much like the bustling streets of a busy city. Amidst this cacophony, the quiet voice of our intuition often goes unheard. External ...

I'm unable to meditate

Q:I'm unable to meditate. When I close my eyes, things start popping up in my mind. Can you guide me on how to be at peace for some time?  A:It's completely normal to experience a flurry of thoughts when you first attempt to meditate. Our minds are naturally active, and they tend to become even...

Why do my thoughts fade away when I watch them during meditation?

Certainly, what you're experiencing is quite common and actually a sign of progress in meditation practice. When you observe your thoughts with detached awareness during meditation, you're essentially creating a space of non-engagement. By not getting entangled in the stories or emotions associated ...
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