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I'm unable to meditate


unable to meditate. When I close my eyes, things start popping up in my mind. Can you guide me on how to be at peace for some time?


It's completely normal to experience a flurry of thoughts when you first attempt to meditate. Our minds are naturally active, and they tend to become even busier when we try to quiet them down. However, the key to finding peace lies not in suppressing or fighting against these thoughts but rather in observing them with a sense of detachment. 

When you resist or become anxious about the thoughts that arise during meditation, you inadvertently give them more power and attention, which only serves to perpetuate the cycle of mental chatter. Instead, try adopting a more passive and accepting attitude toward your thoughts. 

The next time you sit down to meditate, allow yourself to simply observe the thoughts as they come and go, much like watching leaves floating down a stream. Rather than getting entangled in the content of your thoughts or trying to push them away, practice remaining calmly aware of their presence without judgment or reaction. 

By cultivating this attitude of detached observation, you create a space of inner stillness within yourself. It's from this place of inner calm that you can begin to experience a sense of peace, even amid the busyness of your mind. 

Remember, meditation is not about achieving a thought-free state but rather about developing a different relationship with your thoughts one characterized by acceptance, non-resistance, and equanimity. With regular practice and patience, you'll gradually find that the incessant stream of thoughts begins to quiet down, and moments of peace and stillness become more accessible to you.
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