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Three Worst Ideas for Stock Investing in 2023


Investors split into two camps in the vibrant world of 2023's stock market.  

On one side, the steady-handed, playing the long game with low-fee index funds. Picture them lounging comfortably, watching their investments in the S&P 500 quietly accrue value.  

On the flip side are the adrenaline seekers – unable to sit still, constantly hunting for the next big opportunity. They often find themselves tangled in the stocks of companies wavering on the edge of viability.  

Here's a rundown of a few investment escapades that turned out to be more a nightmare than a dream for “gambler” investors. 

WeWork: A Spectacular Fall from Grace 

WeWork's journey in the public eye is akin to a dramatic fireworks show – full of awe, then ending in chaos.  

Once valued at a staggering $50 billion, the company's fortunes took a nosedive. This happened following a botched IPO and controversies surrounding its founder, Adam Neumann. In 2021, WeWork's valuation plummeted to $9 billion, and by 2023, the company faced bankruptcy with debts totaling $18.7 billion. 

In a bizarre twist, just days before WeWork's collapse, a dubious offer from Cole Capital Funds caused its stock to spike by nearly 150%. However, this 'miracle' was short-lived. The SEC revealed the offer as a sham, and WeWork’s already fragile stock was left in tatters. This story is a stark reminder of the volatility and unpredictability of investing in troubled companies. 

Mullen Automotive: An Electric Dream Short-Circuited 

Mullen Automotive, a name in the electric vehicle market, presents another cautionary tale.  

Despite its aspirations, the company reported sales of just $308,000 since 2021. Yet, its share count skyrocketed by an astounding 4,300% in a year, diluting its stock value to mere pennies. Mullen's spending habits further raised eyebrows. A significant chunk of its funds enriched the company’s CEO rather than fueling research and development. 

This scenario highlights the need to inspect a company's financial health and priorities before investing. Mullen's story is a classic example of market hype and ambitious visions not translating into sound investment opportunities. 

Bed Bath & Beyond: From Retail Giant to Meme Stock Fantasy 

The saga of Bed Bath & Beyond takes an even stranger turn. Following its bankruptcy declaration, the company's stock surprisingly retained a cult following, thanks to its status as a meme stock. Investors, driven by hope and hype, clung to the stock, fueled by cryptic messages they believed were hidden in a children's book by Ryan Cohen, a former investor in the company. 

This bizarre turn of events underscores the risks of investing based on speculation and social media hype. The real outcome for Bed Bath & Beyond was far less dramatic. acquired its assets, leaving the hopeful investors with nothing but a lesson in the unpredictability of meme stocks. 

The Diverse Paths of Investing in 2023 

While the thrill of potential windfalls can be enticing, it’s crucial to approach stock investing with a balanced perspective grounded in research and realism.  

These stories highlight the importance of due diligence and the risks of chasing stock market mirages. They remind us that sometimes the slow and steady approach isn't just safe — it's also smart
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