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Psychological Trends: Insights and Relevance


Every year, the American Psychological Association releases a brief video outlining psychological trends for the upcoming year. At the end of 2023, they discussed major challenges in the field with leading psychologists. Among these challenges are combating misinformation particularly during elections the humanity of artificial intelligence in psychology, difficulties in higher education, the rise of racial equality resistance, access to and the cost of psychological assistance, monetization of mental health, the impact of AI on the workplace, new approaches to addiction treatment, training for school psychologists, policies regarding women's and LGBTQ rights, the development of telepsychology, and advancements in brain aging treatment.  


Let's delve into some of these trends:

Misinformation During Elections: Addressing misinformation isn't just the task of specialized centerspsychologists play a crucial role. The events surrounding the 2019 Trump election in the USA and subsequent scandals emphasized the need for psychological expertise in handling such situations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The widespread use of AI has been significant in recent years. There's serious discussion about AI potentially assisting and eventually replacing certain types of psychotherapy. The ethical implications and humanization of these approaches are pressing issues that can't be ignored.

Access to Psychological Assistance: Startling data from the USA reveals that 80% of respondents consider therapy too expensive, and 62% feel ashamed to seek help. These figures are striking, especially considering the USA's history of setting trends and reducing stigma around psychological assistance. Notably, 60% of psychologists there don't accept new appointments due to a lack of available working hours.

As we observe these global trends, it becomes crucial to adapt psychological practices. Understanding and addressing these challenges will contribute to fostering a mentally healthier society.
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