about alpeon magazine
If you value your health, want to develop the potential that Nature gave you, and are ready to engage in the dynamics of progress, then ALPEON is the magazine for you.
We differ from other members of the press in that we don’t just report events, but also follow trends and the progressive development of society. And it’s not only the outward manifestations of success, happiness, and prosperity that interest us, but their deeper significance as well. At the center of our attention are people and their essential nature. We hope that our motto, “For a more fulfilling life,” will resonate with you. Our entire creative team finds life vibrant and engaging: there’s so much to know and learn! And we sincerely want all of ALPEON’s readers to live with gusto. We look forward to discussing important issues related to health, self-­discovery, self-­development, social fulfillment, and the dynamics of the world in which we live and the changes to which we must continually adapt.
If you’re on the same track as we are, we hope you’ll become our readers, advisers, experts, and heroes. Write to us! Send your comments, advices, and proposals to our electronic address: info@alpeon.com.
Our proposal to our readers
We intend to make ALPEON an intellectual tool capable of launching a process of positive personal transformation in which its readers participate consciously, voluntarily, and actively.
We wade into the rushing torrent of information, carefully evaluating and selecting for you some of the most interesting and useful developments on the designated topics in an amount optimal for mental digestion: the news of tomorrow, today. We package it handsomely and in a convenient format — both in print and virtually — and deliver it on a regular basis by subscription.
As a rule, magazines about health limit their content to the advice doctors give for treating maladies and to set of issues dealing with a healthy lifestyle. But we think that awareness itself is curative and that people’s health begins in their heads, and for that reason we have included a section entitled Personal Development, the aim of which is to shape an awareness of life, a striving for development and realization of personal potential.
We all live in a constantly changing world, yet we paradoxically long for stability. The Dynamics of Life section is intended to show our readers the sprouts of the future just emerging from the ground of today. We want to acquaint you with the most important changes as they appear and track those changes as they develop and influence the lives of both the individual and society. Being aware of the dynamicity of the process and the essence of change trains our ability to adapt to change and the evolution that follows.
Realizing that an educational goal is achieved not only by receiving information, but also through developing and improving capabilities and skills, we have reinforced useful content with practice. Placing our bet on interactivity, we have devised a number of ways to draw you into the “learn – think – apply” process so that what you’ve learned in our magazine will be a launching pad rather than a dead weight.
The mission of ALPEON

By making our magazine an informational space for scientific discoveries, expert opinions, and metaphysical inquiry, and by promulgating healthy values through content, well-­organized interactive communication, and coaching, we will help readers write their own instruction manual for a fulfilling life as they acquire awareness and new experience going beyond the framework of the usual life format.