Sail the winds of change!

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life… All is flux, and nothing stays the same.” These maxims capture a defining feature of the world we live in. Nevertheless, we all search for stability in our lives.Isn’t that a paradox ? !Perhaps we should take that intriguing gamble, grasp the tiller and sail the winds of change, and at least in some way change ourselves and our fate for the better?

ALPEON magazine was conceived as a tool, the purpose of which is to provide every reader with knowledge about health, a healthy way of life, and a healthy world view, not to put on intellectual fat, but to have the possibility of making a quantum leap from the sense that “I am swept along in the flow of events” to the confidence that “I live in a state of awareness, the way I want to live.”

And insofar as only clear goals, motivation, and intent ensure meaningful activity, we have made ALPEON a kind of trainer capable of guiding you along the way. Run the marathons devised by our team—HEALTH, TIME MANAGEMENT, CREATIVITY—and you will improve your general physical and mental state of being, experience a sense of freedom and control over your life, and taste the pleasure of being creative.

And with regular training, you’ll be able to jump off the hamster wheel of everyday routine for good and take on the wings of flight that you have longed for.

An interesting life is made of successful days. And successful days consist of happy moments. Let’s think of your encounter with our new magazine as a happy moment, the very moment that will elicit auspicious changes in your current state of being.

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Nellie Vingardt