Alex Osborn has been called the father of brainstorming. In his 1942 book How to Think Up, he described the technique as a method for generating ideas. Osborn died in 1966; he could hardly have imagined that several decades later people would be interacting more with electronic devices than with each other. When it comes to ideas, it’s almost an axiom that quantity begets quality.

Statistics confirm that the more ideas a person generates, the greater the chances that there will be good ones among them. Electronic brainstorming allows us to maintain our brains in a constant state of active creativity; after all, smartphone apps open up the possibility of engaging in the process no matter where we are, and to propose ideas not just during a small amount of time at the workplace or a meeting, but at the moment when an idea actually dawns on us. And if the digital environment today is your everything, we invite you to brainstorm with apps for smartphones.