Michael Borodiansky, MD, Psychotherapist, Business Coach, and Systems Consultant Since 1994
He is the creator of a practical methodology that allows people to easily achieve a state of mindfulness,live in harmony with themselves and the people around them, and move toward goals in an optimal way.The tools in this methodology allow people to build partnership relations with life whereby, through rightthinking, they control the events in their lives while expending minimal effort. Michael is the author of severalbooks published in various languages, and he teaches his methods in Europe, Russia, and the


(September—October 2018)
Psychologists, business consultants, and coaches have been devoting considerable attention asof late to technologies for managing reality. How can interactions with Life be structured in a waythat makes all her resources available to us? Could this be called a “partnership” in the given situation, or would that be megalomania? Here Michael Borodiansky, psychologist and author of thebook Managing the Future, answers these pressing questions.